Dentists Thoroughly Understand Complete Facial Aesthetics

A Dentist works every minute of everyday on the face. Everyday they focus on the principles and techniques to create beautiful faces. They constantly work with the interplay between facial structure and a person's smile to create an overall beautiful and youthful appearance.

When you think about how much time a Dentist spends working on the structures on the face, it doesn't take long to realise the enormous advantages of having one artistic, highly skilled, facial specialist harmoniously blending techniques in one appointment.

Dental Facial Aesthetics - The Complete Smile Makeover

A traditional smile makeover, using modern cosmetic dental techniques, can achieve extraordinary results - a stronger, whiter, brighter, straighter smile - but this is really just a "tooth makeover".

Everyday the muscles and soft tissues of our whole face are moving and everyday, exposure to the elements and pollution add to the wear and tear. In due course we discover that life's battle scars are permanently etched across our skin.

As we age, there is a decrease in the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid that give support and volume to our skin. Wrinkles, lines, grooves, depressions and a sunken appearance are the result. With facial aesthetic treatments your Dentist can help smooth out the wrinkles and fill in the folds. Your beautiful, improved smile will be framed by a more youthful looking but still age-appropriate you. This is a true "smile makeover".

Dental-facial aesthetics address the interplay between the mouth and surrounding facial structure, so that the appearance of your face as a whole is in harmony.

We use safe, minimally invasive techniques and materials to quickly and easily restore a more youthful appearance in a holistic way.

Previously, BOTOX® or Dysport® and dermal fillers were used independently of each other. Today, optimal results are achieved by combining these two treatments.

Lose Your Wrinkles; Not Your Character

The main focus of our cosmetic Dentists is always to help you achieve the best looking YOU!

With the introduction of dental-facial aesthetic treatments, that goal is now even easier to achieve and the results are even more impressive.

The secret is personally tailored, minimal treatment (just enough to restore your natural beauty without looking obvious) just enough for friends and family to comment on how wonderful you look, without ever knowing just what has changed.

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